January 21st 2018

After I left the Bengkulu City to Jakarta City, we went to The International Airport Soekarno-Hatta. Passing through so many checks and meeting lots of strangers, this was a fun and exciting first time experience. I learned to be more independent and courageous because of this. Today I boarded the plane to manila using Air Asia flight at 12.30 pm Western Indonesia Time, when entering the plane, crew and pilot plane and flight attendant and steward looked beautiful and handsome, and they are all Filipinos. 

They served us well on board. And we also enjoy the typical Filipino cuisine on the plane, adoboo chicken. It has a unique taste, complemented by steamed potatoes. Then at 5:45 PM Philippine time we arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) precisely at terminal 3 because terminal 3 is destined for international flight. 

The Airport's very wide and we need to walk quite a distance, passed the immigration officer and then pick up the goods by claiming the goods at the baggage claim. During the trip, on the inside of the airport, we saw the walls decorated by a kind of painting, and patterned cloth that's similar to the pattern of Indonesian batik. 

Beautiful Ma'am Lizel and I
My Coordinator and I
Then we headed to the airport exit, where there were many people waiting for their pickup from various countries, and among many people we finally found our coordinator with two friends Sir Jerome, Ma'am Lizel and Sir Anthony. They welcomed us warmly. We were invited to take pictures together and then they were very kind and understanding, helped us carry our luggage.

On the same day, there were two students from Thailand who had to be picked up by our coordinator. And they would arrive at 6.20 PM at terminal 1. The distance from terminal 3 and terminal 1 is so far that we drive there by car. Our Coordinator has excellent preparation to welcome us. They even provide their own car. Then we headed to terminal 1 to pick up two students from Thailand.

When we arrived at terminal one we immediately found two students from Thailand. Their nickname are Ket and Boy. 

We immediately got to know them. It's great to have friends from different countries. Then after picking up the four of us, our coordinator took us to the biggest mall in the Philippines, The Mall of Asia. As the name implies, this mall is really big and very complete mall. I was amazed that I first saw this big and complete mall. The level of security here is very high. Each enter the mall there are many guards with long rifles and metal detectors to avoid the terrorists entering the mall.

At Japanese Restaurant
Our coordinator even invited us to eat together at a Japanese Restaurant located on the ground floor. We chose to eat Tempura and Miso. It tasted very good. After the meal we went on a long journey to reach Oriental Mindoro. Because the Oriental Mindoro was on a different island with Manila and no plane for the line, but there is the biggest port in the Philippines, and we headed to the harbor and it took about 2 hours, we reached the harbor at 12:15 AM after passing so much security officer. I salute and like their readiness. Then when at 1:00 AM we boarded the ship upstairs enjoying the night breeze and sleeping on the ship due to exhaustion.

Later, we arrived at the Oriental Mindoro. But we have to take 2 hours to reach Calapan City. One of the campuses is part of MinSCAT. Previously, MinSCAT has 3 separated campuses located in Calapan City, Bongabong, and the main campus in Victoria. Calapan City Campus focuses on chemical and chemical engineering, Bongabong Campus focuses on the fishery field according to its location located near the sea, and lastly the Main Campus is in mountainous areas that focus on agriculture, horticulture, science, and also teaching.

We arrived at the Calapan City Campus at 3.30 AM and stayed overnight at the hostel provided, very comfortable and everyone as well as students in the hospitality field welcomed us very, very well. So good, everyone was so nice and friendly. They treated us like important people. We were never left alone and whatever we needed always tried to be fulfilled.

Finally at around 4:00 AM we slept. In the morning we were woken up and delivered to the on-campus restaurant for breakfast with Filipino food menu. The Philippines eats 5 times a day. In addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there is a small meal schedule between the hours of the meal. We are really hosted like officials. I am deeply touched by the good of them all there.

January 22nd 2018

In the morning after breakfast, we first met with all participants from both Indonesia and Thailand although not all attendees can come on schedule due to some obstacles such as passport and exam passage on their university. A total of 10 people gathered together. 2 from Thailand and 8 from the Philippines. We instantly get along with each other, all the personality of friends is so good that there is no obstacle for us to quickly get along.

We and our coordinator, Mr. Jerome Jef Zamora
We were invited around the campus and introduced to the vice president and lecturers and teachers at MinSCAT. They are all very friendly to us and they are really the kind of people with very open minds. We also took breakfast together with our coordinator in the private restaurant in MinSCAT Calapan City Campus.

Then at 1.00 PM we started the opening ceremony and welcome the student teacher exchange. We were even given a special chair and sat beside the president campus. 
All SEATeachers with The President of MinSCAT, Dr. Jesse T Zamora

They all welcomed us warmly. The opening ceremony was also accompanied by singing national anthems from each country. They also feature a striking, energetic, contemporary dance and contemporary Filipino dance and excellent saxophone game. We really enjoyed it.

Traditional dance of Philippines

The show finished at around 5.00 PM after which we got ready for prayer and dinner. Previously, it had been notified at the opening if some of us would soon be going to another campus. Most participants are at main campus in Victoria. As the name implies, Victoria Main Campus is the largest campus at MinSCAT, so participants who are sent should be more than to other campuses. After dinner, we got ready to leave, took an hour's drive to Victoria Main Campus and four hours to Bongabong Campus. I was elected to a Main Campus with 2 Thai students and 4 other Indonesian students.

We arrived at 11.00 PM and the Vice President at the Main Campus and his students waited faithfully for us and helped us carry goods to the hostel. The facilities at the Main Campus hostel are excellent and even beyond my expectations. I was worried when told that the Main Campus is located in Victoria which is a Village located in a mountainous area. However when we arrived at Victoria, the facilities were very complete. Starting from the TV, air conditioner, fan, washing machine, even WiFi also provided by them and they asked us to not need to hesitate when need something. Finally after entering our new hostel in Victoria, we cleaned up and tidy up things, then sleep.

January 23rd 2018

Today, there's a small opening ceremony at the main campus and we are also lured to the faculty there. 

Vhe Vice President of Victoria Main Campus

The Principle of MinSCAT High School

MinSCAT, Victoria Main Campus

After the previous we returned ushered to eat in the cafeteria. We were never left alone and always accompanied if we wanted to go anywhere. Then we again made a general observation about the environment in main campus. In accordance with its more dominant concentration in agriculture, main campus has a shady and green environment. Lot of plants and big trees

student-teachers from MinSCAT made a sweet welcome for us

In the evening, we went to Calapan city to go to the mall and bookshop. We went to the mall and the traditional market in the evenings to find some fresh vegetables and groceries we needed for cooking later. Afterwards go back to the hostel and go back to sleep after a long chat with our coordinator.
Our Coordinator is very friendly and loves to chat. He was very open to us and made us comfortable. I feel very fortunate to have a coordinator like him.

January 24th 2018

me, trying to ride the matic-scooter
Today we go back to the public observations after breakfast. Because the campus has a very large area, and not enough to observe during the day because it will be too tiring. There are so many construction activities in main campus. 

Because MinSCAT wants to upgrade its grade from college to university so they must meet the requirements and one of the efforts to fulfill it is by enhancing the campus facilities and also adding new majors. I aslo tried a matic scooter belongs to my coordinator. Wohooo! 

The air was so fresh. But during the trip we found some big fallen trees, due to Taifun, or "hurricane angina" in Filipino. Even Taifun can hit the Philippines for 12 times a year. There are many fallen trees, and some of the buildings are flat and only basic. many victims caused by Taifun. And indirectly Taifun effect on the development of the Philippines both in quality, and the quantity of the population.

The 45-degree staircase
As soon as we entered the newly built building, I noticed something that touched my heart. I saw inside the building an elevator as well as a staircase with a 45-degree incline intended to make it easier for the disabled like a paralyzed student to his class. It appears that they are very concerned and think in detail about the state of their disciples. That is the thing to be emulated in our country. Especially at the university that is in my city because we do not have it yet.

Then visited the hostel, found a large poster containing images of indigenous tribes from the Philippines, as well as a description of the origin of the tribe as well as the area that occupied by the tribes.

Today, on the last Wednesday of the week, Filipino students or students are allowed to wear free clothes. But on a typical day they have a dress code that has been given by the school and college.

In the afternoon, we walked casually to see the flag ceremony and also saw his sons practicing the marching band. 

Flag Ceremony

One of our friend, Dhana, tasted Balut
Then, we also tasted typical Filipino food, Balut. Which is the embryo of a duck sold by a man who goes around using a bicycle.
The man that selling Balut

The Filipinos are mostly brave and very friendly, they are not ashamed to get close and start a conversation. So are the students and the students. And especially because they are influenced by countries that colonize them like American and Spanish, they are very good in English, even the children. They are not afraid to express themselves, and they are honest people.

Then during our observations,  horticulture and agricultural majors were discovering new types of mushrooms that they could breed from banana stalks. And they also produce oyster mushrooms. 
growing house of oyster mushrooms
growing mushrooms


banana leaves' mushrooms

growing oyster mushrooms

MinSCAT produces their own drinking water

They also produce their own drinking water.

Pretty Ma'am April and I
We also visited some classes and we found one class with Ma'am April as the teacher. And I was surprised because Ma'am April and their students sang an Indonesian song, and sounded very nice and clearly
Students of Ma'am April and I

a nurse was checking the blood pressure
January 25th 2018

Every morning, a nurse comes to us and checks our blood pressure, temperature of our body, and also asks about our conditions.

monument of Dr. Angelito A. Bucido
On the morning at 9 o'clock we went back to observation around the campus. And there is a monument with the inscription Dr. Angelito A. Bucido, which was The Previous President of MinSCAT. Followed by a visit to another place, a small library that is destined for High School students in MinSCAT. In the library, there is a row of MinSCATians books, their term for the MinSCAT campus family from year to year. 

our coordinator explained about the content of the books

The book contains MinSCAT members ranging from president campus to MinSCAT graduates for the year. And contains a variety of activities such as photos of people who are dancing. There is also a pair of dancers performing the Maranau dance, which is a traditional Mindanao dance.

Along the road to the office and the library, a kind of billboards displaying Filipino warriors is displayed. One of the fighters I remember was Marcela Agoncillo, who is a women's emancipation fighter for Filipinos. He struggles to get women to equal rights and equal education with men, similar to R.A. Kartini Philippines version.

grade 7 and ma'am Rona
Then followed by science class observation at 01.00 PM. We observed seventh grade which consisted of 51 students consisting of 39 male students and 12 female students. Students are so respectful and obedient to their teachers, orderly and interactive in learning. The thing that amazed me was that even though I was a kid, the students were so fluent in English. The topics taught today are physics, with the theme of light and wave oscillations. Master provides a close-up example of daily life to make students understand more about events that are oscillations and also examples of waves.

Ma'am Rona explained the waves
While demonstrating samples of light oscillations, the teacher gives one pencil teach student and asks the students to wiggle the plot. And then ask students what can be observed in the event. Here students are asked to think quickly, actively, and critically. Then the second topic is about wave and waved properties, they are invited to do simple experiments in the class by dropping various objects into the water and see which bends are capable of generating waves for water.

Students are very interactive in learning. They look very focused on learning. And aka the postest tone before the last lesson. Students are instructed to write whatever they have learned on this day according to their ability and memory to see how far and good their level of understanding is.

ma'am Rona was teaching grade 8 about biodiversity
Then, the class ends. Class 7 is a general science lesson, while in grade 8 students will only study biology. We continued our observations to the 8th grade studying biodiversity. Before beginning the lesson, students are instructed to form study groups and then write down their differences and similarities between members in a group, then present them individually. Master then asks what is the importance and how much fun when living with different kinds of creatures and that diversity / biodiversity is an important and must be maintained.

January 26th 2018
One example of collaborative activities

On this day, Friday, we start observation from 7.30 AM. Friday is a day where there is no lesson for the disciples. There are only collaborative activities (collaborative activities). As the name implies, students perform various activities at each grade level. Some do cleanliness, some are still learning, and watch some videos about current research or topics about an outstanding research or issue that concerns their lessons.

MiNAS Elementary School
For Friday, especially at the junior high school level, there is no science lesson. So I decided to observe elementary and kindergarten located not far from junior high school. We are always accompanied by a student teacher partner or so-called "buddy" and every one person has one buddy who will be a partner in observation, teaching, even the streets and more. Me and two other friends went to elementary school and kindergarten in one area accompanied by our buddies.

Scout boys and Scout girls
Arriving at the elementary school and kindergarten, we saw the kids practicing the marching band and also the passwords of scout and yell-yell. They are very serious and eager to practice. Our arrival was welcomed by the principals and teachers there. We were allowed to sit on stage together with the principal. and we were also entertained by Filipino "Maruya" typical food made from pounded banana and sugar.

Marching Band of MiNAS
Friday is also the day when students do "MAPEH" or extracurricular versions of Filipino students. MAPEH stands for Math, Art, Physical Education, and Health ".
We saw the "MINAS" reading at the school gate. MINAS is the brother of MINSCAT. It's part of MinSCAT Then, the appearance of marching bands for children their age look very good and compact. The Marching band won first prize for the marching band competition in October 2017.

January 27th and 28th 2018 

Pancit and Bufallo wings, delicious!
All Seateachers gather on campus in Calapan City. Whether placed in Bongabong Campus or Victoria Main Campus. We met each other again after a week apart. Every weekend, our agenda is a walk to visit local attractions or called "local tour". Today, we will visit Puerto Galera. Long enough to reach Puerto Galera from Calapan City, took about 2-3 hours. We arrived at a resort in Puerto Galera and had lunch together there with other Seateachers and coordinators from Bongabong Campus, Victoria Main Campus, and Calapan City Campus. We were served a very tasty meal and also a scrumptious dessert. We really enjoyed it.

All SEATeachers from Calapan City, Victoria, and Bongabong

The resort is directly connected to a beautiful beach. 
Puerto Galera Resort

In front of the pool that directly connected to the beach

Me- pretending to ask for some drinks

Before reaching the beach, there is a swimming pool and a hotel with a unique design with beautiful mountain views, and comes with a small bar that provides a variety of drinks.

Me- enjoying white beach
After enjoying the food and walking around the resort, we visited the white beach which is also located in Puerto Galera. White beach is still simple but spacious and comfortable for swimming. There are so many foreign tourists in Puerto Galera. Starting from the American, Korea, Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese, and maybe European.

two artist working on the sand to build a miniature of temple

white beach and some foreigners

Not forgetting me and my friends bought some souvenirs to take home to Indonesia later. There was something that caught my attention when I saw the souvenir sellers in Puerto Galera. Many of them wore hijab, most of the souvenir sellers in white beach, Puerto Galera turned out to be Muslim. I am very happy to meet with fellow Muslims especially in a Muslim minority country like the Philippines.

At 5.00 PM we left for campus campus and stayed at the hostel, where we first stayed. Then, tomorrow morning we go back to campus respectively. Two of our friends went back to Bongabong and six of us went home to Victoria, while three others settled in Calapan City.

Mr. President brought us lot of foods
January 29th 2018

Back to the previous activity, we were again preoccupied with the activities at school. I still make observations because yesterday observations are not enough. Tonight, Mr. President, Dr. Jesse T. Zamora came to visit us and buy us some food. Thank you President <3

January 30th 2018

It should be this week we are still a teacher assistant, but because the requested time of at least 20 hours, then we started teaching period since today. This is my first day in teaching. The night before teaching, my friends and I make Daily Lesson Log (DLL), a daily teaching guide in the Philippines, or in Indonesia commonly called "RPP" which stands for "Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran” in Indonesian language or “Learning Implementation Plan" in English . 

 DLL is very helpful in the learning process, especially for novice teachers. There are three types of Daily Lesson Log, namely Detailed DLL, Semi-detailed DLL, and bare DLL. Detailed DLLs are DLL types that cover all aspects of the learning process in detail. Semi-detailed DLLs are DLL types that cover all aspects of the learning process but are not as detailed as DLLs, and the last bare DLL is the shortest DLL type and contains only bullet points.
the example part of DLL

Before beginning the teaching period, each Seateacher participant is allowed to choose which class to choose to teach. I chose grade 7 as a biology education student. due to coincidence this month, grade 7 is still learning biology. In the Philippines, science is taught regularly from basic science to complex science. Science lessons themselves consist of physics, chemistry, and biology. During one academic year, alternately will be taught physics, chemistry, and biology on a regular basis.

Grade 7 students- my lovely students
Grade that I choose, grade 7 contains students who are dominated by men. There are actually 51 students with details of 39 boys and 12 girls. I shared a class with one of my Seateacher friends, Ida. So grade 7 is broken down into two classes, namely class A which contains 26 students who become my class and class B which contains 25 students who became Ida’s class.

me in my first day of teaching period
I am very anxious because this is my first experience in teaching and using a foreign language. One hour before the lesson begins, accompanied by my buddy, Ram, we arrange the class, check out the required equipment such as projectors, laptops, speakers, and pointers. Students begin to arrive about 20-15 minutes before the lesson begins. They look cheerful and enthusiastic waiting for the lesson to begin.

Then, at 10:45 AM. This is the time for me to start learning. Just like in Indonesia, before beginning learning Filipino students pray first. The difference is that all can lead prayers, while in Indonesia it is usually the class leader who leads the prayers. As we know, the majority religion in the Philippines is Christian and Catholic. They prayed fervently as they stood and bowed their heads.

My first time of teaching
After praying, the students' habits at school are always waiting for orders from their teachers. Following the way the teachers in this school, I also assigned them to check the cleanliness around the bench respectively. Once there is no trash or debris on the floor, students are welcome to sit down. 

me and students 
After that, usually the teacher will ask about the task or material taught previously. But since it's my first day of teaching, of course there is no duty. The next stage is to provide motivation before learning. Motivation must be given before the start of learning and the form of motivation is varied. Like interesting pictures, interactive videos, or FAQs in person to teacher.

I use interesting pictures related to the topic of learning. In this teaching period I choose the topic "parts and functions" and the main subtopic for today is about "level of organization". I am so glad that the students in my class responded with enthusiasm. Grade 7 is dominated by boys. It’s a challenge for me. Because boys are harder to teach than girls. 

However, I am grateful because even though they are dominated by men, but they are just noisy sometimes, and remain active in learning. When I want to emphasize learning points, they will be very focused and even often record what I am talking about.

Although I am a stranger who is very different in terms of ethnicity, religion, and language, they are very appreciative of me. They are very understanding even though my English isn't very good. I love them all.

During the teaching period, my cooperating teacher, Ma'am Rona Guevarra and my coordinator Jerome Jef Mendoza Zamora, always monitor me and also other friends to see our daily development in teaching. After completion of teaching, usually cooperating teacher will give opinions and suggestions in teaching for the next learning process is expected to be even better.

January 31st 2018

Today, the second day I teach. Since we have to spend at least 20 hours, everyone will teach 1 or 2 additional subjects. In addition, I chose minor subject TLE for grade 7 and chemistry for grade 8.

For minor subject of TLE in grade 7 I hold full of all 51 students. Their young age is added to a class of 39 boys, a great class, this class is very challenging, I love it. TLE is an additional lesson with a varied theme. I chose the theme of "Food and Nutritions" because in addition to this theme still has to do with biology lessons, I think this theme is important for children because they are still small and they often do not yet know what good and nutritious food is.

For chemistry in grade 8, today is already a second meeting for me. I am not good in chemistry so I decided to change other subjects because I do not want my students to be stupid in chemistry like me.

February 1st 2018

My sweeties, grade 8 
Today I was sick, so can not go in to teach. cooperating teacher and my coordinator is very considerate. During the day my cooperating teacher visited me and encouraged me to get well, and told me that my students miss me.

At about 2:00 pm, my cooperating teacher came back to see me and said that someone wanted to meet me outside. I was curious, who wanted to visit me. I opened the door of the room, and it was visible from inside the house that the 8th graders waited for me carrying colorful pieces of paper that read "SORRY MA'AM AMIRA" and two large cardboard papers that contained support for me.

me and my ugly face when I was sick 
Again, I'm deeply touched because this is the first time I got this kind of surprise from so many people. They are very sweet pupils. Without my realizing it turns out the moment was immortalized by my cooperating teacher. 8th grade students thought that I did not want to teach them because they were upset about their behavior. In fact, I decided to stop teaching chemistry because I knew that I was not fit to teach chemistry, and I know they deserve better teachers. Being a teacher is not just teaching and delivering material in the classroom.

Today will be an unforgettable day for me. Today's a historic day for me where my belief in becoming a teacher grew. I just really love all my students.

February 2nd 2018

I was downloading some attractive videos
 related to the topic of the lesson
Today’s Friday. I went back to teaching as before. However, today is different from the usual day because on Friday it is dedicated to collaborative activities for several lessons including science. In collaborative activities this, as the name suggests there are many activities that can be done. Whether watching videos on related subjects, or holding discussions, or playing games, and so on. On this day I only fill collaborative activities in grade 7 for science subjects because in the minor subject there are no collaborative activities.

February 3rd 2018

Girls' squad- Aisyah, Ket, Me, and Ida
Today, just like the most weekend, we re-do local tour. Take a long road before reaching the private beach of an acquaintance from our coordinator. As the name implies, this private beach is owned by an entrepreneur looking to find peace. So here no one other than us. We play sand and sea water with others. Once satisfied to play, came two guides who asked what our needs. They are very friendly. They talked by using Tagalog with our coordinator, 
then left somewhere.

Boys Squad- Sir Jerome, Boy, and Dhana
An hour later, the two men returned to the beach carrying plenty of food. Then, came the oriental-faced man who is the owner of the private beach. She is very friendly and generous. We were hosted with two great super pizza (about 90cm x 35 cm), spaghetti, and deep fried crispy mushrooms, and a very tasty Filipino biscuit. Not to forget the mineral water and soda as a complement. We really, really enjoy the afternoon dinner on the beach. 

Kind man and the owner of the private beach we visited

After a meal while chatting, we took our leave. They even offered us to stay in a private villa that was there. But we had to go home because it was dark and we had to prepare the material for Monday.
Extra Jumbo Pizza and spaghetti :* yummy~

February 4th 2018

Today, we shop for weekly needs in Calapan City and then each has been busy doing DLLs and preparing our own learning media.